West End Toronto Holiday Events

This weekend marks the start of holiday parties in our household. Hard to wrap my head around it, but I am ready for the season of sparkly lights, flannel and fireplaces to begin! I particularly love that so many west end Toronto holiday events are focused on supporting our community. Local businesses, schools, parks all get in on the action and it feels good to be a part of it.

There are some great events all around the city during December that will help get you in the holiday spirit if you’re not already. Whether it’s getting a start on some shopping, celebrating with loved ones or doing something kind for others your calendars will quickly fill up.  Here are a few things going on close to home that I’m really hoping to do this December with my fam.

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TDSB – Ward 7 news

Last night we attended the first parent/teacher interviews of the school year & now that the kids older they are more involved in the process so I really enjoyed them. My oldest’s conference was completely student led and it was great. The teachers, caretakers and admin staff are all so amazing at their school. I feel very lucky that my kids are a part of such a strong school community. However, being a student (or a parent of a student) within the TDSB can come with it’s fair share of frustrations. I find being ‘in the know’ helps to navigate a system that can be discouraging at times. Here’s a brief look on what’s happening at the TDSB Ward 7 where our kids go to school.

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Local Business Spotlight: West Bend/Junction Triangle

Kirsten and I attended a fund-raising event at a new store in the east end of The Junction (or the ‘West Bend‘ as it has started to be called) last week and I was struck by how vibrant & hip this stretch of Dundas, east of Keele and continuing under the bridge over to Dupont and the Junction Triangle, has become!  No longer the Junction’s less popular sister, the Junction Triangle and surrounding area has carved out an identity and vibe all it’s own.

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Holiday ready front porch update!

I am terrible at doing yard work at this time of year. I almost always wait until spring to do it. I keep telling myself that I need to get outside, cut things back, rake the leaves and put the summer decor items away. This year, I’m trying to motivate myself with a mini front porch update after I’ve done the stuff I don’t enjoy doing. The front of the house always looks so bare at this time of year. Gardens and pots are empty, Halloween decorations away, and it’s too early for holiday decor.

I figure if I spend a few hours this weekend doing yard work I can justify spending a few hours shopping! I will admit, most of the sources below are online, but you could find many of these items at local decor stores and the big box retailers in the Stockyards.  This front porch update can take you right to the holiday season. Add some greens, jazz up your wreath with ribbons and you are ready to welcome all of your holiday guests in style. First impressions count, right?

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Halloween Fun West End Toronto Style

Where did October go? The weather was so beautiful and the 31 days went by so fast. I cannot believe we are celebrating Halloween today. We spent the weekend finalizing the kids costumes, trying to add some decor to the front of the house, carving pumpkins and roasting the pumpkin seeds. We are ready for the big day! There are so many great events leading up to Halloween in West End Toronto but the fun hasn’t ended yet. Have a read below for some inspiration and some final Halloween fun West End Toronto style!        

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Hello World!

Welcome to West Side Storeys! We are really excited to have you here.

West Side “Storeys” is a brand new blog and our goal is to bring you stories about all things West End Toronto. We are Realtors and although the blog is much more than just real estate, our stories will often include information about homes…the storeys….in the West End of Toronto.

We want to talk to you about schools, traffic, infrastructure, local businesses, real estate trends & tips, DIY’s, food, entertainment and so much more. West Side Storeys hopes to become a resource for west end families looking for valuable information.

Would you like specific information covered in our blog? Drop us a line, we are open to your thoughts and suggestions.